Davis Remmel


My primary goal is to discover as much as possible about the Universe, by tearing it apart and building (often digital) models. Sometimes, I write about my findings in Posts and Projects. I am an enthusiastic proponent of Free Software: you can't have a free society without it.

Computing is my passion, driving my inspiration, philosophical and spiritual beliefs. Currently, I hack in Smalltalk and Python in my private life, but I'm a capable programmer in lots of ALGOL-like languages, as well as document markup languages.

I live in Milwaukee, WI, designing, maintaining, and leading cool projects at Stack41. Previously, I constructed data collection and recommender systems for at-auction vehicles at Misix, and explored dataflow processing.


Please send mail to d@visr.me. My public key's fingerprint is 07DA 3404 774D AB37 130B EA84 4DAF F3F0 C0EB 75B6 (find the key through a third-party).

Small posts

Below is where I put interesting things I find on the Web.