Davis Remmel


Living and working in Milwaukee, I write data analysis and visualization software at Misix. For our organization, I manage databases of SQL flavors, write recommendation engines, tools for statistically analyzing medium data, and think.

After-hours, one can usually find me typing away: fatally neglecting the remaining thirds of my twenties. Before I wrote software full-time, I was fascinated with computer history and software preservation. Because the longevity of digital goods is still unknown, I shoot my photographs on 35mm film to preserve memories in atomic arrangements instead of electric charges.

A long interest of mine has been the communication of education. My formative years were heavily influenced by forensics, which I continue to support and hold dear. While I can no longer devote enough time to coach my old high school's team, one can still sometimes find me in the judge's lounge.

Rarely, I find time to post things of interest to my blog, Cookies and Capacitors.


Please send mail to d@vis.rocks. I am also available on Twitter as @davisr. My PGP fingerprint is 07DA 3404 774D AB37 130B EA84 4DAF F3F0 C0EB 75B6.