Davis Remmel

Mail: d@visr.me
Everything-username: @davisr

  I write data analysis and visualization software for a company called
Misix in Milwaukee. Previously, I was a freelance web programmer. My
favorite language to work with is JavaScript because it's easy to write,
and I find type inference to be a real timesaver. Although, if I can
solve a problem with shell scripts, or write a faster stream analyzer in
C I totally will. C++ has a new 'auto' keyword, which I'll have to try
out sometime.

  I think Makefiles are under-used, and find systems like Gulp and Grunt
to be needlessly complex. I want to solve problems in as few lines of
code as possible, and for them to work cross-platform without needing
tens of dependencies.

  In the future, I think everyone will have brainchips. If you look at
the evolution of media, each iteration comes closer to replicating what
we perceive as reality. The printing press allowed us to speak to
millions without a live audience. Photographs and video shared imagery.
Phonographs shared sounds. Each new iteration touches on another sense,
and one day we will have brainchips that allow us to replicate
experiences wholly.

  I do not use Windows. My OS-of-choice will always be a BSD variant. I
have always liked OSX because Cocoa is prettier than other application
frameworks. It doesn't mean a whole lot to me though, since I spend 70%
of my time inside a terminal.

  In my free time, I like to design electronics and tinker with old
computers. I also love getting coffee -- shoot me an email and we'll
chat over one sometime.

  I also have a blog that I don't  post to very often. You can also chat
me up at one of our Milwaukee datawhores meetups.